Want to know what you're getting into? Fuck, we do too.

Hello new friends! Welcome to Matt’s Cool Game For Attractive People, or MCGameFAP for short.

You probably have a few questions. We will try to answer them here, in no particular order.

Q: What exactly is MCGameFAP?
AMCGameFAP has been described by several outside observers as “Shitposting: the Game.” No matter what game we’re playing, that’s not wrong.

Q: I don’t get the name?
A: MCGameFAP stands for “Matt’s Cool Game for Attractive People”. PokeMoms is the game we’re currently playing! We’ll play different games in the future.

Q: What’s with the screaming apple on the front page?
A: Our first game (which we started recording half way through) had an item called “Song Apples”. They were screaming apples. Elyse made a logo off of that and it’s rad. It stays.

Q: When do y’all release new episodes?
ACurrently every two weeks on Monday.

Q: I’m new to all of this, I don’t understand what’s going on.
AWe’re currently playing a game we’re calling “PokéMoms”. The idea is following the parents whose kids have gone off on adventures or whatnot.

Q: Is this like Dungeons and Dragons?

Q: What system are you using?
A: We bastardized fanmade Pokémon tabletop systems to make it more listenable. There’s a lot more detail in these systems but that’s not always fun to listen to.

Q: Do I need to play DnD or other tabletops to understand this game?
A: A lack of experience might honestly be beneficial. As long as you have an active imagination and are cool with weird shit, you’ll be okay.

Q: Who are these characters?
A: Check out their Nosebook profiles here!

Q: When are you all going to go get gym badges?
A: Gym badges are for children.

Who are We?

Hi I’m Matt, and I was born into this world without my consent an ornery old old man with a full beard. I make sandboxes for other adults to play make-believe in and throw mud at each other. Twice a month I take the audio and gift it to you, because you are worth it.

My name is Logan, and most nights I do technical support for Blizzard Entertainment. Any thoughts and opinions expressed in any of our content are my own, and don’t reflect those of my Company. 

Okay, mandatory disclaimer out of the way. When I’m not helping other nerds make their computers work good or making dog noises with my mouth, I sometimes collaborate with Matt on the system underlying our Pokémoms podcast. It’s pretty neat, you should check it out! Apart from that I do a lot of cooking and occasionally leave my house for reasons other than work. Every once in a while I check social media for memes and then immediately sign off, disgusted.

Yo, I’m Elyse. I play Cici, make the site, design the things, and run the social.

Just a 50 year old wine mom in a 30 year old’s body and every year I grow closer to unlocking my ultimate form. Follow me on stuff to watch me scream into the void. Mostly about wrestling.

My name is Keithan. Keith but with a an at the end. I am the chaotic one in chat that generally brings the most cringe in game. Also known to be the blunt boy. So my bad in advance.

I love film. Old, new, indie, foreign and arthouse. Love it! Before you ask no I haven’t seen that film but I’ll get to it eventually. There are A LOT of movies. Like everyone else playing I’m a wrestling fan. A working class guy and I’m good with that. I like most of the same pop culture stuff you do I’m sure. Likely to be shy till I warm up to you or give me a few beers and some time for them to sink in and we’ll become fast friends if you don’t have the patience for that.

Follow me on my socials for general idiocy, memes, bad takes probably and to see what I’m watchin. If you stick around thank for listening and don’t ever forget you are loved. Peace

I am Alexandra. I play Jeanette, who is definitely based on many real-life people. You’re very welcome (and I am so sorry).

For my day job, I write ads. For my non-capitalism life, I do a podcast on film scores called Soundtrek, as well as write, hit nerds with foam weapons and enjoy geektastic activities.

My name is Josh, I’m the wise cracking, multinational, accented character you’ll hear in this podcast. In this order; I’ve got a wonderful partner, a knack for imitating people, a fujica camera, a sketch pad and a piano. If you’d like to see/hear any of these things check out my Instagram.

My name is Caleb Masters and I play Faulkner A. Silver. Like Faulkner I am a full-time podcaster by trade, but unlike Faulkner, my podcasting is less a product of existential crisis.

When I’m not shameless plugging unofficial sponsors as Faulkner, I can be found podcasting and writing about about movies, TV shows, and other things I love about pop culture.

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