Welcome to Our Lady Wobbuffet of Eternal Suffering's Adult Post Sermon Meetup and Bible Study Nosebook Page!

We are so very happy you’ve found us online! Hopefully next we’ll find you in our congregation. 🙂

This page is for our after sermon group, the Adult Post Sermon Meetup and Bible Study! We find it’s best for our walk with Arceus to meet up after sermon for discussion, group activities, Bible study, and snacks! (PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL NOT BE PUNCH AS SOMEONE KEEPS SPIKING IT)

We think you’ll find it’s an excellent way to connect with your fellow parents in Coalgate! It can be hard to to get used to your empty nest after your children go out on their Pokémon adventures (or join nefarious gangs, we’re not here to judge), so now’s the time to strengthen your relationship with Arceus. And we have snacks!

Still not sure you’d like to join us? We’ve linked the Nosebook profiles of some of our regulars at the Adult Post Sermon Meetup and Bible Study. It’ll feel like you have a friend already there even if you’ve never met them!

We hope to see you next week- praise be to Arceus and show up sober!

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