Welcome to MCGameFap

Matt’s Cool Game for Attractive People. I’m Matt, and this is my cool game, and if you’re here with me tonight then congratulations, you’re ALL my attractive people.

MCGameFAP is a comedy-focused Let’s Play podcast where a bunch of nerds get together and play a tabletop game. What sets MCGameFAP apart from other Let’s Play podcasts is:

  1. Our rules are streamlined for more fast-paced rolling and results.
  2. We’re not playing Dungeons & Dragons, or any comparable high-fantasy setting. Nothing wrong with D&D, it’s just not what we’re doing here.
  3. We give equal focus between character-driven plot AND high-velocity shitposting.

Our current story arc is called PokeMoms. In the world of the Pokemon video games, a party of empty-nest parents of Pokemon Trainer children get together to go on all the adventures they’ve missed out on over the last two decades. It’s hilarious, and bittersweet, and probably reveals way too much about ourselves. We hope you like it.